Ok, so this isn’t a real pub quiz but it’s the next best thing: a German current affairs-themed online quiz with news magazine Der Spiegel! It’s called “News you may have missed 2011” and if, like me, you’re not German, then you’ve probably missed quite a bit. Never fear though as the questions are pretty lighthearted and when you get one wrong you’ll just be lightly admonished in a self-deprecatingly German kind of way.

Look out for tales of Yvonne, Germany’s famous runaway cow, a deadly Brazilian wandering spider let loose in a supermarket and my personal favourite, question 21: “In November, an armed burglar in Schwanewede, a town in northern Germany, was thwarted when he tried to rob a house. What prevented the masked gunman from carrying out his crime?” My guess: “He drank a bottle of vodka and fell asleep on the couch” was met with: “That is a surprisingly common occurrence here in Germany, but it is incorrect in this case.” Rats. Have a go to find out what really happened.

One last last thing before new year. Apparently, it’s a German national tradition to watch this come December 31st which is fair enough as a bit of slapstick surely beats a drunken rendition of Auld Lang Syne any day. Prosit Neujahr!