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Cardiff is the most sociable city in Britain according to social network citysocialising.com. The site looked at the social habits of 160,000 people and found Cardiffians attend 28% more social events than the national average. People from Glasgow apparently prefer to keep themselves to themselves however, joining in with less then half the number of events compared with your standard city-dweller. Still, if you take a social event to be a “see you down the pub” to your mates rather than an “I wonder how many other web designers there are in Shoreditch who want to go to a wine bar tonight” pre-arranged, networked happening then the results might be a bit different. As was asked on Walesonline, “So who makes up all this drivel?”

Away from cozy PR fluff, 2012 doesn’t look so good for the UK’s pubs according to James Hall in the Daily Telegraph. The British Beer and Pub Association has said up to 1,500 establishments may close in the next two years as a five per cent increase in beer duty kicks in – on top of a 35 per cent rise since March 2008 – and new taxes are threatened including a “late night levy”. The measure is part of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act, passed in September, which allows local licensing authorities to charge premises open beyond midnight up to £4,440 a year towards the cost of dealing with alcohol related disorder. Whether this will be applied fairly or contribute to more closures is a big question for pubs in 2012. Happy new year everyone?!

P.S. Dicmortimer’s pubocalypse post on Cardiff’s pub closures may be a bit rambling, but it’s well worth a read.